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Feedstock Supply Chain Design, Implementation and Management

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Let’s say you want to finance and build a commercial scale lignocellulosic conversion process utilizing agricultural residues in three to four years. How could you be sure you understood the costs and had the necessary access in order to claim feedstock security to persuade potential investors, not to mention keep the plant running once it was built?

Every fall growers and custom harvesters across the country engage in a massive deployment of equipment and manpower to harvest, collect, transport and store millions of bushels of grain. This enormous grain harvest supply chain is supported by an equally impressive and efficient grain handling, storage, transportation and marketing infrastructure that is the envy of the world. No such supply system infrastructure exists today for agricultural biomass (lignocellulosic) for advanced biofuels or bioenergy. This supply system will only be developed with focused and deliberate execution. This new feedstock supply system will not create itself. This is where PowerStock comes in because it is not just about the bale; it’s about the plan and the fulfilment platform.

PowerStock has a 25-year history of building and operating large scale agricultural residue and primary crop feedstock supply chains for the domestic and export feed and forage industry. We are quickly becoming a leading expert in the nascent agricultural biomass to bioenergy industry. We have developed a multi-stage and multi-year process for increasing feedstock supply access and cost certainty and building out a bankable feedstock supply chain. Our approach covers everything from grower relations and contracting to all of the harvest, collection, storage and transportation activities. We have the inventory control methods and fulfilment systems to knit it all together into a reliable supply chain.

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