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Senior Management Team

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Bill Levy – CEO

Bill brings fifteen years of agricultural leadership experience foremost in his role as President and founder of Pacific Ag Solutions, the largest agricultural residue and forage harvesting company in the country, harvesting 150,000 tons on over 70,000 acres in the Columbia River Basin. Bill also successfully negotiated the merger of American Onion and Rivergate Farms to form River Point Farms, the nation’s largest onion grower and processor. Bill served as River Point’s first COO and continues to serve on its Board of Directors. Bill earned an MS at Washington State University in agribusiness and a BS from Oregon State University in agricultural economics.

Steve VanSteve Van Mouwerik Mouwerik – COO

Steve brings fifteen years of agricultural residue forage aggregation, processing and export experience leading the largest processor and exporter of the 600,000 ton annual Oregon grass straw industry serving beef and dairy markets in Japan and Korea. Steve’s sustained success in meeting customers’ strict specifications required a strong expertise with long term grower relations, harvest planning and management, pricing, storage infrastructure development, material handling, processing plant management and year-round order fulfillment. Over the years Steve has served on multiple boards including the National Hay Association’s Export Processors Council and President of the Oregon Agricultural Fiber Association. Steve earned an MA from the University of Pennsylvania and his BA from Lewis and Clark College.

Rod PhelanRod Phelan - Vice President of Harvest Operations

Rod brings to PowerStock thirty years of direct experience harvesting, baling and storing forage crops and crop residue in Idaho and in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Rod and his father set the standard and led the formation of the Oregon grass straw harvesting industry beginning in the early 1980’s. Based on the many years and millions of tons he has harvested, Rod brings extraordinary knowledge about grower relationships, harvest operations, equipment management and optimization, storage and overall supply-chain logistics. In addition to his Northwest experience, Rod has led numerous rice straw harvests in Northern California and experimental corn stover harvests in the Midwest. He has performed feasibility and pilot scale tests with Weyerhaeuser for a 100,000 tons per year straw chip plant in Oregon and for Heartland Fibers LLC to develop a 250,000 tons per year production of high-end white paper pulp in Nebraska.

Harrison PettitHarrison Pettit – Vice President of Business Development

Harrison brings nearly twenty years of experience identifying opportunities and leading corporate strategic business initiatives for growth. Prior to joining PowerStock Harrison was the 20th employee hired at Pacific Ethanol, Inc (NASDAQ:PEIX) and spent four years as its Director of Business Development. Harrison was very active in the development of all of Pacific Ethanol’s 220 million gallons of ethanol production, and led the development of its 60 million gallon a year Burley, ID plant completed in May of 2008. Harrison also led Pacific Ethanol’s advanced biofuels efforts as the Principal Investigator and Project Developer for the West Coast Biorefinery, Pacific Ethanol’s 2.7 million gallon a year cellulosic ethanol commercial demonstration project selected in 2008 by the US DOE for a $24.3 million financial assistance grant. Prior to Pacific Ethanol Harrison spent over ten years leading the marketing and sales function at a national wood products manufacturing company. Harrison earned his MBA from Georgetown University and his BA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.



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