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StackPad™ Storage Technology

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Protect Your Investment with StackPad™Storage Technology

The collection and shipment of biomass are important parts of the supply chain, but their worth is quickly lost if the material is stored incorrectly. Biofuel producers can experience “shrinkage” of their feedstock if they do not adequately protect it from exposure to wind, rain and snow. Damage to the product and plant can quickly ruin what used to be quality material.

Over fifteen years PowerStock has learned to effectively protect inventory in all conditions. We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and developed storage techniques that can withstand prolonged bouts of bad weather.

This StackPad™ experience will give all stakeholders confidence that inventory will be process ready. Safeguarding your feedstock investment once it’s harvested is a key component to process ready feedstock. We examine every part of the supply chain, especially where the material is going to be stored.  We make certain the harvest is protected from the time it leaves the field to its final destination.